These 5 Anxiety Symptoms Often Go Unnoticed

5 Signs Of Anxiety That Often Go Unnoticed | Anxiety is one of the biggest problems in modern society, and it’s estimated that most of the population suffers one or more symptoms related to it. However, in addition to the most common symptoms (tachycardia, sweating, chest pressure), there are other signs that we don’t register as being physical manifestations of a deeper problem. Here we show you the 5 symptoms of anxiety that we usually ignore.


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1. Metallic Flavor in the Mouth

People with anxiety detect bitter and salty flavors at a stronger level. And because anxiety causes bacteria to grow more rapidly, the result is mild bleeding of the gums. While not noticeable to the naked eye, the metallic flavor is unmistakable.

2. Excessive Yawning

According to a British study, cortisol—also known as the stress hormone—increases when we are anxious. Cortisol raises the body’s temperature and yawning is a way for the body to cool itself down.

3. Cold Feet

When a human being senses danger, blood flow becomes concentrated in the heart and stomach. As a result, extremities—such as the feet—receive less blood and therefore become cold.

4. Nightmares

Dreams can be manifestations of what’s going on in our subconscious. With anxiety, it can happen that we have more nightmares than usual. In that case, it’s necessary to pay attention.

5. Mental Fog

Anxiety can also cause concentration problems. This is why it’s often referred to as “mental fog” or “brain fog,” because thoughts don’t seem real. Many things are happening in the mind at the same time, and so the person is not able to focus on just one thing.


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