The Age of Depression

A common psychiatric condition, it’s estimated as many as 1 in 6 Americans will experience a depressive disorder at some point in life. Research finds there are vulnerable periods when it’s more likely to occur. Dr. Daryl Tanski is the supervising psychiatrist for the Behavioral Health Center.

“If you look at depression over the lifetime there’s a peak incidence, or when the condition manifests itself, usually in young adulthood. So this is maybe the fifteen, to twenty-five year old age range, adolescence through young adulthood,” says Dr. Tanski.
Experts point to major life events that take place during those years.
“Moving away from the family of origin, going to college, military, workforce – all these things may then take a person who is vulnerable biologically and manifest itself into depression,” says Dr. Tanski.
If you are looking at the age of depression, middle age is another stressful time. People previously diagnosed may experience a recurrence. In women, the change of life can be a catalyst.

“There tends to be a second peak incidence around menopausal period. It may explain why you see that second phase in the female’s life, unlike in the male’s life with changes in hormonal levels,” says Dr. Tanski.
Identifying the problem is the first step.
“The goal is obviously to initiate the treatment when it’s clinically warranted, get that patient to a point of recovery from the depression, and then you do some long-term treatment planning,” says Dr. Tanski.

Depression may require a lifetime of management, but proper care offers the best hope for beating the blues.

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