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In this today’s Episode of Becoming Fearless, Brian shares about how to get over approach anxiety and how to desensitize yourself so that your anxiety or fear stop you from approaching that attractive woman.

The most common questions that I hear from men:
-“How do I learn to approach women?”
-“How do I get over my fear of approaching women?”
“How do I start conversations with women?”

The good news is that the answer is quite simple. The bad news is that it can take time. The biggest problem you face is that you most likely don’t want to take the time to solve this problem – you want a solution overnight.

Like I tell my students, give yourself a little bit of time and space to develop this skill. And whatever you do, don’t compare yourself to other men. The more you allow yourself to be ok with going at your own pace, the faster you’ll grow anyway because you won’t be fighting or beating yourself up internally.

If you weren’t afraid of approaching women – if you had no fear, no worry, no nervousness when you saw a woman you want to approach – how long would it take you to get good at talking to women?

Not long at all.

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