Hot Flashes and Anxiety – What Causes Them?

Here I discuss Hot Flashes and Anxiety. I also tell you What Causes Hot flashes and my own experience with them. Hot flashes also referred to as hot flushes, can occur with little warning. If you suffer from high anxiety, stress, health anxiety, panic disorder, or GAD, then you are more likely to experience hot flashes. When I was experiencing panic attacks, I would have hot flashes everyday. Hot flashes are caused when the body temperature rises from increased heart rate, respiration, and metabolism. After the hot flash occurs the body will attempt to cool off by prespiration or sweat. As your body loses heat, you may develop chills as a result. When you are under high levels of stress and anxiety, your body goes into fight or flight response which in result causes higher frequencies of hot flashes. They often dont last long but for some can last hours. You may or may not sweat during hot flushes. A hot flash can be very annoying, but by lowering your stress, general anxiety, and anxiety attacks over time, you can definately prevent them.

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