Guided Meditation: Male Sexual Dysfunction, Performance Anxiety, Impotence, END THE SELF SABOTAGE

Male sexual dysfunction (MSD) is a serious concern for many men. Indeed it may cripple an individual, but also the couple, as well. What individuals will understand after viewing this video is that there are many downfalls or common failures that prevent any man from performing. Most of the time individuals interpret men as with 6 foot tall walking erections. Men buy into this masculine myth, exacerbating the issue. I take published research and explain well-understood pitfalls. When an individual succeeds in bed, these pitfalls are absent. Is it really ED or are we just diagnosing ourselves with a sexual dysfunction, when all we need is to clean up our lives and relationships? There are real causes of ED that call for medical intervention, but these almost always include a psychological element that must be still cleaned up. We always address what an individual can do themselves first. That said, it is no issue for one to visit their MD and ensure their health is in order. Additionally, a Urologist may test penile blood pressure (ICP) and testosterone, along with surveying for nighttime erections.

To get a grip on this concern of yours, you must visit and check out the coaching services available. Of course, you may email me directly at

Why a Relationship Coach for my sexual concerns? Sex is just one of the many components to a healthy relationship. I must employ an approach that cleans up an individuals mental health, physical health, relationship health and sexual health. These components work hand-in-hand to add stability and satisfaction to any relationship. We will, with few exceptions, get to the core of the issue and mitigate it almost entirely. Even if further help is needed, addressing the aforementioned components will ensure that the client does NOT relapse. I greatly hope you enjoy this guided meditation.

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