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First of all…because I know this video might show up somewhere other than in the ASMR community. If you’re wondering why I’m whispering, it is because this is an ASMR video. ASMR is a tingly goosebump-esque feeling people get from certain triggers…whispering being one of them. If you enjoy it, please explore ASMR a little more. If you hate it, please understand I’m not whispering for no reason or to be annoying!

Understand that this is just MY story. Everybody is different, so if you disagree with something in this video it does not mean I would think you are wrong. Everybody just handles things different ways. I’m only hoping to help.

Also a couple corrections:
I did not cut out ALL sugar. Just refined sugars. I would still eat fruits that had sugar and things like that.

Kelley BROGAN is her name, not whatever I said. Here is the podcast I was talking about:

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