Anxiety, Depression and Addiction 2'Dad's Talking

Anxiety, Depression and Addiction 2’Dad’s Talking

2 Dad’s Talking about mental Health Introduction For Men Only. Depression and Anxiety It’s so important to speak up and fight stigma. 2 Dads Talking with Hendo and Westy is what mental health experts, celebrities, and men dealing with their own mental health issues want others to know, including what it’s like to have a mental health diagnosis, how to ask for help, and what they think the future of men’s mental health will look like. Society tells men that it’s simply not acceptable to have too many feelings. “Men are taught from an early age, either by cultural referencing around them or by direct parenting, to be tough, not to cry, and to ‘crack on,’ We train soldiers and professional warriors, and then expect them to be emotionally intelligent enough to open up when they need help. Worse, we expect them *never* to need help. We must bring vulnerability, as a core principle of emotional strength, into the framework of masculinity.” Essentially, experts say, the messages men receive as children and up through adulthood discourage them from ever letting anyone know they need help. Although thankfully, this is starting to change. There are plenty of reasons men don’t seek out help, even if they need it. “It can be very difficult to admit you are struggling as a man, “Logically, you know that everyone gets down, has a problem from time to time, or finds it difficult to cope, but it often feels like you are the only person who can’t seem to handle it. You lie awake at night alone, wondering why you can’t be as in control as you should be and desperately trying not to let anyone else see how you are really doing.” Sometimes, even if you know you need help, it can be tough to know where to start. And while finding a therapist is hard and may take some trial and error, it’s ultimately worth it.“getting help” can take many forms. It’s good to keep in mind that ‘asking for help’ isn’t always a laborious, difficult task. People often feel a huge sense of relief after finally letting others know what they’re going through. Mental health issues are a lot more common than you may think, but by speaking up, some men are trying to raise awareness. You can basically carried just about every negative emotion you can possibly carry along for 15-20 years and I never talked about it. Then you don’t know why that one day you decided to just open up. Since that day, it’s just been so much easier to live and so much easier to enjoy life and it’s something and be very thankful for. Mental health issues can be hard to really understand if you haven’t experienced them yourself. It can be hard to actually understand what people living with anxiety are going through until you experience it yourself. People who had suffered from anxiety and found it kind of hard to understand, but then when it hits you, you’re like, ‘Oh my God, what is this? The fact that celebrities seem to be more and more comfortable talking about their mental health is also encouraging, sometimes even putting a humorous spin on what living with a mental illness is like. “Depression affects more millions people in this country and there’s no cure per se, but for anyone dealing with it, there are treatments that can help. First of all, if you think you’re depressed, see a doctor and talk to them about medication. Also be healthy. Eating right and exercise can make a huge difference. He continued with a smile: “Finally, if you’re in the cast of a late-night comedy show, it might help if they, you know, do more of your comedy sketches.” All jokes aside, you can have a hopeful outlook. “As more men (especially those in the public eye) speak out about their struggles and experience with mental health difficulties, other men can see that the struggle is real and you are not alone “We can continue to spread awareness and normalize the fact that it can be difficult to manage stress and everyday demands,” he points out. “Most importantly, we need to continue to get out the message of hope,” Never Never Give UP Westy and Hendo #Depression, #anxiety. #Self-harm, #suicide, #suicide, #alcohol, #Drinking, #violence, #sexual abuse, #dads, #2 Dadstalking, #menshealth, #menonly,# mental health, #Westymedia, #westy, #Hendo, # managing stress, # mental health,# living with anxiety,# masculinity,

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