7 Effective Stress Relief Tips!

Robert Rivest presents 7 stress management tips that help ease daily stress, allowing you to work more effectively and play more enjoyably. See http://robertrivest.com/ for stress management workshops, comic stress relief shows and simple stress relieving tips. How we manage stress effects every part of our lives!

Robert Rivest offers:
Comic keynotes and insightful staff development workshops.
Creative health, literacy, and stress relief programs.
Laughter yoga and mindful tai-chi wellness trainings.

Staff Stress Relief: http://www.robertrivest.com/corporate/

Interactive Stress Relief Show: http://www.robertrivest.com/schools/schoolperformances/learnlaughandletgo/

Robert Rivest is a comic mime artist, a talented health, literacy and stress relief educator, a gifted laughter yoga teacher and an engaging public speaker. Since 1990 Robert Rivest has given over 5,000 presentations in 11 countries in Europe, Africa, and across the U.S. His mission is to use humor and the performing arts to bring wellness, laughter, and joy to individuals and organizations around the world!

http://Robert Rivest.com/

Source: 7 Effective Stress Relief Tips!

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