Yes,You Can Quit Smoking: I’ll Show You How


Chapter One: You need to be ready to quit
1.How I quit smoking
2.Two ways to quit smoking
3.The cost of smoking cigarettes
4.It is your life – pleasure it the way you desire it
5.Imagine yourself as a non-smoker
6.Happiness and the benefits of quitting

Chapter Two: Why it is so hard to quit
7.Why it is impossible for some people to quit smoking

8.Becoming hooked is the first step
9.The smoking habit dominates
10.A faulty habit travels with you
11.A smoker’s self-image
12.Anti-smoking measures a good thing

Chapter Three: Negative thoughts converted into optimistic goals
13.Re-training the negative mind
14.Reward yourself
15.Inner power of your subconscious mind
16.Similarities – computer hard drive and the subconscious mind
17.Inner world and outer world
18.Be in charge of your subconscious mind
19.Start the day in a different way
20.Making goals

Chapter Four: Health effects of smoking
21.Alarming death rate
22.Removal of nicotine from the system
23.Combination of alcohol and cigarettes
24.The support of family and friends

Chapter Five: Begin a new life
25.Take stock of your situation
26.Keep a smoking log
27.Upset the smoking routine
28.Good time management
29.Psychological power

Chapter Six: You are the captain of your ship
30.Own your goal to quit
31.Self-confidence as a non-smoker
32.Quit smoking plan
33.Keep your mind and body busy
34.Bringing it all together
35.Speaking from my own experience

51 Quit Smoking Questions you should ask yourself before

Speaking from my own experience

I have given up smoking and I speak from personal experience that it is possible to quit. I wouldn’t have dared to write this book and share my experience if I had any doubts or fear about. It is very easy to quit when you have a proper perception of why you want to quit in the first place. I hope this book has helped you think about this and start to take steps towards giving up cigarettes.

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Source: Yes,You Can Quit Smoking: I’ll Show You How

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