The Winning Way to Quit Smoking

The highly successful WINNING WAY Method will make you the non-smoker you have been desperately trying to be.  There are 3 Zones which you will enter to slowly cut down and feel happy about doing so, thanks to the miraculous holistic support you will receive from simple products and various tried and tested positive health strategies.  The Zones comprise: THE CUTTING DOWN ZONE: 8 WEEKS, THE QUIT ZERO ZONE: 16 WEEKS, & THE PERMANENT QUIT ZONE your final destination. Over the years I have had in-depth conversations with countless smokers who would dearly like to kick the habit, but are terrified that if they do, they will not be or feel themselves, and that it would be a quantum leap into the dark unknown for them. – This is particularly so for long-term smokers. But what I try to get them to think about is not the unknown – but the known – the time when they once were non-smokers and felt their normal-selves. There are so many things in life that seem insurmountable – yet often when we reach our goals, we look back and see that the fretting and worrying was worse than the getting on with it and going through it. You are looking at this book because you want to stop – you have the will, and by following my unique positive mindset strategy, along with using easy supports like e-cigarettes, nicotine replacement methods (NRT), Quit Tea, a hypnosis CD, and de-stressing inhalers, you have the way. It is possible for everyone to achieve non-smoking status. With The WINNING WAY method you do not have to quit right away – it is about small steps that allow you to gradually cut down your cigarette number. – This makes the transition phase as calm and un-stressing as possible, and allows your mind and body to acclimatise. Step by step, I will show you how to be in a much stronger and successful position to quit for good and never want to light up again. – With the WINNING WAY method, smoking will become a thing of the past – a foreign country! Shirley Amy, BSc.

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Source: The Winning Way to Quit Smoking

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