Quit Smoking Without Drugs – Here's How to Learn to Hate the Smell and Taste of Cigarettes

So, you've gotten to the point where you are serious about kicking the smoking habit but you do not really want to use drugs or other medications. The good news is that you can quit smoking without drugs or medication. In fact using this method may even make you learn to hate the smell and taste of cigarettes.

This approach is radical and I'm sure it would not be recommended by many health care professionals. But come to think of it, smoking is not recommended by health care professionals either.

This is quite an extreme method so you probably should not use it for more than two or three days in a row. Once you have done it though, chances are that you might quit for good right then and there. If down the road you do start smoking again, just repeat the process again to get back on track.

Here's how to do it.

Try to choose a time when you will be able to smoke any time, night or day. A good time might be the weekend or whenever you get time off from work. If you work at home or are a stay-at-home mom try to have someone else available to help with childcare if you can.

Step one starts the minute you get up. Before you do anything else, light up a cigarette and then smoke the whole thing as quickly as possible before doing anything else. Do not stop to brush your teeth or shower. Head right to the kitchen, light a second cigarette and again smoke this one as quickly as possible.

Then make yourself a cup of your usual morning beverage. Before taking even a sip, once again and as quickly as you can, smoke another cigarette. Have your coffee, tea, or juice and another cigarette.

You are going to repeat this process of only doing one small thing followed up by smoking a cigarette in a quick, unpleasant way before you let yourself do anything else. Your goal will be to smoke as many cigarettes as possible and experience the frustration of how long it takes to get even the smallest of tasks finished.

By smoking each cigarette as rapidly as you can, you are taking away the pleasure of leisurely puffing and relaxing. Instead you want each cigarette to be as hot and unpleasant as possible. Avoid taking a break between puffs or putting the cigarette down at all. Smoke each cigarette way faster than you normally would.

Make yourself smoke way more than you usually would. Really concentrate on smoking. Notice how bad your mouth tastes after awhile, and how your fingers reek of smoke. Mostly though, notice how much you are not enjoying smoking. Keep this up until bedtime.

With any luck you will wake up with at least a slight headache and a queasy stomach, your chest will feel heavy, and you may find yourself coughing a lot. Do not let that stop you. In fact, you are going to do it all again the second day. This extreme method is a good way to quit smoking without drugs. If you can make yourself stick to it for a weekend or two, you may even learn to hate the smell and taste of cigarettes.

Quit Smoking Without Drugs – Here's How to Learn to Hate the Smell and Taste of Cigarettes by Carolyn Langlois

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