Your Future Is Bright With Visualization

Visualization is an incredibly powerful, yet simple technique which anyone can use to help change an area of ​​their life.

So what is visualization?

Visualization is a process where by you visualize yourself performing at your optimum. When you visualize your optimum performance you literally imagine yourself performing what ever it is that you want to do better, whether that be excellent presentation skills or ensuring that you get your dance moves spot on!

During visualization you see yourself doing what ever it is that you wish to achieve – and doing it perfectly. So you hear what you would be hearing, see what you would be seeing and feeling how you would be feeling when you visualize the future event.

How Does Visualization Work?

Visualization works on a number of different levels and that's what makes it so powerful.

Firstly it helps you to maintain a positive focus ie focusing on the positive outcome.

Secondly it helps you to feel more motivated to achieve your outcome by ensuring that you feel so much more positive and certain that you can achieve the result you want.

Thirdly, you are visually practising the event before hand so you can make any adjustments that you need to make to your performance BEFORE the event itself.

And lastly and most importantly you are programming your unconscious mind for success. As you are focusing on the positive outcome you are 'telling' your mind what you want to happen, as opposed to what you do not want to happen. It's no surprise that if you keep telling yourself and imagining yourself failing that you actually fail. So it should come as no surprise either that if you focus on the positive outcome, the actual outcome will be positive.

Your unconscious mind likes to know what it has to do so by visualizing your positive outcome it has clear instructions on how to perform. Your unconscious mind also wants to make you feel good so it will be more likely to implement an action if it knows that you feel good doing it. That is why it is very important that when you visualize your outcome you add as much positive emotion to it as possible.

And of course the more you visualize the more likely the outcome will be reached, especially as mentioned before, when you attach strong positive emotions to the outcome.

So if you want to quit smoking then see you as a non smoker feeling absolutely fantastic that you have succeeded, perhaps you can see how healthy you look and smell how much better you smell! If you want to be slimmer then focus on the slimmer sensational new you – visualize how great you will look, how well clothes fit you, hear all those compliments, and really feel how fabulous you feel when you are slim and healthy and notice how much better you begin to feel and how much more motivated you become to reach your ideal weight and shape!

Give visualization a go and see how much brighter your future looks!

Your Future Is Bright With Visualization by Mairead Russell

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