How To Stop Smoking Cigarettes

Do you want know: How To Stop Smoking? How to HELP People who want to stop smoking.

The Process of Stop smoking is quit bit tough though, But If u r stay focused and Have positive energy to stop, its quit bit
easier than as you think. Stop Smoking is quit easier to do follow in day to day life only. You dont want to go for special treatment or supplements or medicines, Only those are with in yourself for How to stop smoking cigarettes?

1. Distract Yourself from something that makes you do smoke.
2.Remind yourself why you want to quit and for health benefits for not smoking.
3.Keep your mind busy
4.try to relax
5.Medication and therapy
6.Go out with your friends
7. Reduce the cigarettes intake day by day
8.chew gum or fruits or foods
9. take raisins..and etc..

I’ve had a terrible habit for around 17 years, and that was smoking. I quit smoking cold turkey. Let me tell you how to quit smoking and how simple it is. I quit smoking and it’s the best decision I’ve ever made which you have to follow in day to day life.

You say you want to feel better, live longer, and even have a little extra cash on hand? Easy. Just quit smoking.

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