Breathe freely, Stop Smoking! LITE

– Real-time display of saved money.
– Real-time display of time saved and non-smoked cigarettes.
– Motivating achievement system: See the progress of your achievements (helph, finances, time).
– Achievement-Generator: Create your own, personal achievments in three steps: 1. Choose title. 2. Choose a price. 3. Choose a picture (automatic internet search, camera, album…)
– Amazon® Wish List: Import your public Amazon® Wish List. The articles will be assigned to the achievement system.
– EMERGENCY-Button: Press the EMERGENCY-Button to see pictures of morbid pictures or scientific articles (only PRO Version)
– Notification System: Updates of your achievements are sent to you as Android notifications
– Facebook ® Wall: post results to your Facebook ® Wall and share your achievements with your friends. You can be proud of yourself!
– Twitter® support: Tweet your achievements! NOTICE: To allow the app to tweet, you need to grant access for reading
tweets to. This is a Twitter® API restriction! The app DOES NOT read any of your tweets.
– Share achievements: Share your achievements via SMS, email oder many other applications.

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