Acupuncture Quit Smoking Help, Does it Really Work?

Using acupuncture quit smoking help is an approach that has helped many people quit smoking. But like most quit smoking methods, using acupuncture to quit smoking doesn’t work for everyone.

However, some who didn’t believe in acupuncture for stop smoking immediately lost the craving for cigarettes after a single session of acupuncture. Many people who have tried acupuncture to quit smoking weren’t helped at all. Remember, nothing works reliably for everyone.

Chinese Acupuncture Quit Smoking Help

Based on Chinese medicine, acupuncture for stop smoking is thought by some Western doctors to work by increasing production of endorphins (the opiate-like substances made in the body), which in turn help you feel content and takes away cravings. The fact remains, acupuncture has been very effective in helping individuals to quit smoking.

Acupuncture for stop quit smoking can be used alone or in conjunction with other medical approaches. Acupuncture has demonstrated a specific quit smoking benefit, helping to lessen withdrawal symptoms including restlessness, lack of concentration, irritability, depression, and weight gain.

Many researchers in the US, China, and other countries have reported success in using acupuncture for quit smoking.

Acupuncture needles are commonly used on ear points and also points on the extremities to treat these symptoms. All needles are sterile and most patients say that the needles are not painful.

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