Important Information About The Side Effects Of Quitting Smoking

Hi future fresh air breathers.

When most people think about the side effects of quitting they typically think about such problems as constipation, excess saliva, headaches, anger or feeling stressed. Did you know that all of these are completely unnecessary?

Because the gut has nicotine receptors your bowel function can be affected, constipation is the most likely. You can get diarrhoea also because the caffeine you get from your many coffees will not be broken down as quickly now that your nicotine supply has gone.

Anger and upsets are common symptoms as you now have to find other ways to manage your emotions other than cigarettes.

Other side effects of quitting smoking can be producing excess saliva. This is a bi-product of changes occurring in the brain as nicotine is withdrawn.

Stress is a common response. Because the smoker believes that they are able to manage their stress with smoking, when it is taken away they do not have a means of dealing with their problems.

Headaches can also occur as the stress of quitting becomes too much to manage.

Here is the important information about quitting: you do not have to experience any of these unpleasant side effects. If you are guided through the process of quitting then you will be free of pain when you quit.

You can now focus on the other side effects of quitting, such as breathing easier, more energy, feeling healthier and less stressed. This is the reality of quitting by using advanced hypnosis and NLP to quit. Which side effects would you prefer to experience?

Important Information About The Side Effects Of Quitting Smoking by Ian Newton

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