Hypnotic Therapeutics: Stop Smoking Hypnosis

BARRINGTON — The Hypnotic Therapeutics, clinical hypnotherapy / hypnosis practice based in Barrington, IL, is now accepting clients into their “Stop Smoking Forever” program. The program is unique and highly effective and offers smokers the opportunity to become Non-Smokers and quit smoking permanently after a One Hour Session.

Why spend seven weeks in multiple one hour sessions offered by many other smoking cessation and group cessation programs? Many of these programs offer low enrollment fees and claim to help smokers quit smoking. Sometimes attendees actually do quit smoking. However, often the actual results fall short of expectations.

In fact, when you calculate the enrollment fees, time spent in attendance (usually 7 weeks with multiple one hour sessions) and the cost of smoking cigarettes throughout the time in attendance (at least 7 more weeks as a smoker) the actual costs are quite expensive. Unfortunately, after the time consuming investment in such group classes, the results both time and cost are expensive and dismal.

What if you could spend one hour of your day one time and quit smoking forever? What if the cost of attending that one hour session would be less than the total enrollment fee, time and continued cost of smoking during attending one of the group class programs? What if you could quit smoking forever without any of the common associated side effects and symptoms? That means that you would not become an ex-smoker, rather you become a Non-Smoker and by doing so, it would enable you to bypass the following symptoms, including; change in appetite, mood swings, changes in attitude, tobacco cravings, stress, anxiety, and withdrawals).

Becoming a Non-Smoker is easier and less costly than you may think.

If you smoke just one pack of cigarettes a day and by attending a one hour smoking cessation program that works – you could be saving 7 weeks of your life and a minimum of $80.00.

When you opt for hypnosis for smoking cessation by attending one of Hypnotic Therapeutic’s Smoking Cessation “Quit Smoking Forever” program sessions you will save your life, your time and your money.

Let’s calculate the average cost of a pack of cigarettes at $6.00 over 53 days (7 weeks) that is equal to $318.00. Now add back the cost of attending any one the many group smoking cessation classes at $25.00, your total investment is up to $343.00. Unfortunately, you often wind up continuing to smoke even after completing such group class programs.

Hypnotic Therapeutics schedules personal, one-on-one smoking cessation treatment sessions at your convenience, not at the inconvenience of attending often ineffective pre-defined group class sessions. In most cases, a one-hour one time session is less than $300.00

Sound interesting?

Clients are being accepted now at: Barrington office, 220 South Cook Street, Suite 103B, Barrington, IL. 60010.

The initial contact and smoking cessation assessment is offered at no cost and no obligation. Why not stop smoking now?

Call 847-868-0068 to quit now.

Fact: Lung cancer is the leading cause of cancer death in the United States for both men and women. More than 70 percent of smokers want to quit and try to do so each year, but without help, most fail, according to a news releases from the Departments of Health in and around Illinois.

Fact: Hypnosis is the most effective method to quit smoking permanently. Hypnosis has been clinically proven to be the most effective method for permanent smoking cessation with success rates ranging between 66% to more than 90%.

Find out why willpower, nicotine replacement therapy, group therapy, and many other programs fall short of expectations and offer some of the lowest success rates for smoking cessation.

For information and to set your appointment to quit smoking forever, visit www.HypnoticTherapeutics.com.

Source: Hypnotic Therapeutics: Stop Smoking Hypnosis

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