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Yes I can quit smoking
The eProgram come as a PDF and contains all the information on how to use this program, and comes complete with copies of All the 56 Core Scripts – over 120 pages of Tapping
Yes I can quit smoking
On Average Each Audio Script runs for 5 Minutes in Length
Yes I can quit smoking
You receive Over 300 minutes of EFT Audio’s, that’s over 5 hours of Audio Scripts
Yes I can quit smoking
These Professional EFT Scripts are in MP3 format, so they can be stored on your MP3 Player and Computer, or put on a CD and played in your car
Yes I can quit smoking
You also receive a 45 minute introduction audio where Joe talks about this program as well as giving you the key ingredient you can use to change any habit ,Stop Smoking With EFT by Joe Williams is unequaled worldwide, Joe spent over 18 months developing this program and over 6 months of field testing with participants. This is why this program has received worldwide recognition as being the most comprehensive and successful program of its kind…

So it’s no wonder this program has now become the World’s Leading Quit Smoking Program Developed With EFT.Countless hundreds of individuals and experts from around the globe have spent decades looking for a way to release the emotional links in our subconscious mind. Up until now the only choice anyone had was to sit down with someone in a cold therapy session with a psychologist in a hope of releasing their negative emotions. However conventional sit down therapy has never been the answer, in fact conventional therapy DOES NOT work most of the time, simply because it’s not capable of getting around the 40000 thoughts we experience every day.

If sitting down and talking to a stranger was able to release or get around these 40000 thoughts then there would now be no-one around the world suffering from any associated mental condition, and as we know this is not true. This explains why this form of therapy is now fast becoming ancient therapy as it has consistently failed to work.

But now Doctors, Psychologists, Nurses and Professionals worldwide have all joined together to agree on the discovery of the century. Emotional Freedom Technique which is simply called EFT, is the breakthrough we have been looking for, as it is the only tool that has been proven to release the emotional links in our subconscious mind.

“Emotional Freedom Technique” is being used by doctors, nurses, teachers, parents, mums and dads, sons and daughters, brothers and sisters on a worldwide scale achieving almost unlimited success. EFT is also now being used by the Military to overcome PTSD – Post Traumatic Stress. In fact it seems that the possibilities for using EFT are endless..

It is the only tool that is able to successfully release the bonds and links in our subconscious mind, allowing us to reprogram our emotional responses. These are the same emotions that are connected with these 40,000 thoughts we have each day.

Because EFT is capable of releasing all the emotional links in our subconscious mind it has now become the number one tool for helping smokers overcome the addiction to cigarettes.

EFT can release the worry of withdrawal, and the stress and anxiety we experience as we try to quit. It is so powerful that you can release the fear of weight gain and the anxiety over fear of failure. In fact EFT can release any negative emotion or worry we have in our subconscious mind that is linked with smoking.

But more importantly, not only will EFT release all your fears about quitting, it can also release all the other bonds and links that we have with other emotions, actions and activities. Thus for example EFT can eliminate the need to light up a cigarette when driving a car, having a cup of coffee, when under stress… and the list goes on….

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