Still Smoking? Watch This (HD Full Length)

-some scenes of the troubleshooting of this project:

Note: 4:20 the length of this video is completely a coincidence, it is not representing the 420
(20th of April the Weed day ? ), later i found out that there is a funny coincidence about the length of this video, it insists on stop smoking and ends up at 4-20,
it is funny cause i realized this 3 years later after the date of the experiment 🙂
Note From The Producer and Creator of this project:
During running this experiment,
the speed and air pressure of the machine was
very high and strong, made it difficult to
stop and catch some of the filters before
burning a cigarette up to the end.

Some filters burned down and sucked
down into the water inside the bottle,
what you see at the end of the video,
the black substance, is tar mixed with the
ashes of burned filters, that is what made
it hard and look dry after boiling….

The pure tar is sticky and usually remains
softer than what you saw in this video.

*There is a common misconception that the tar in cigarettes is equivalent to the tar used on roads. As a result of this, cigarette companies in the United States, when prompted to give tar/nicotine ratings for cigarettes, usually use “tar”, in quotation marks, to indicate that it is not the road surface component. Tar is occasionally referred to as an acronym for (Total Aerosol Residue), a backronym coined in the mid-1960s.
The European Union currently limits the tar yield of cigarettes to 10 mg.
Tar when in the lungs coats the cilia causing them to stop working and eventually die, causing such conditions as lung cancer as the toxic particles in tobacco smoke are no longer trapped by the cilia but enter the alveoli directly.

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How to extract tar from 400 cigarettes.
tar extraction system.

Thanks to Youtube for HD facilities now.
Based on many e-mails and requests I have received
for uploading an HD Wide Screen of my 400 Cigarettes Experiment
Video,now this new edition is available from Samimy Productions
on my YT Channel.
Details & new Subtitles are added.

Also Aspect Ratio is fixed for
HQ playback on Mobile-Phones.


Source: Still Smoking? Watch This (HD Full Length)

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