Romancing The Smoke: Reflections of a Nicotine Addict (Volume 1)

Romancing The Smoke is a darkly humorous memoir, written and illustrated by John Aaron, who shares his experience as he overcame a forty-year nicotine addiction in the midst of a family of smokers. John tells tales about the habit and chronicles the astonishing rise of tobacco, its creepy factoids, and insidious marketing campaigns- and what we are doing now to change that. This book is perhaps the first memoir to discuss nicotine addiction on such a personal level, and how smoking became such a powerful lifestyle. It offers the painful and hilarious truths about withdrawal and some meditative advice about becoming smoke-free. If ever you needed an outrageous pep talk about quitting, this is it. It may be the trail out of Nicotine Canyon. The author is three years without tobacco and swears it’s his greatest triumph. The motto of the book is don’t forget to breathe… Original illustrations from the book are available.

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Source: Romancing The Smoke: Reflections of a Nicotine Addict (Volume 1)

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