One Last Puff, Now It’s Time to Quit Smoking

One thing you need to do when you stop smoking is to fill that time with exercise or stimulating activities that help you to break the mental habit. Watching television is not stimulating and could actually push you to revert to smoking, as you will see a lot of people glorifying smoking on the boob tube!

The physical impact of smoking is generally seen throughout society by the various groups advertising and showing examples of cancers and organ failures associated with smoking. Even though many people have people in their own family suffering from smoking caused illnesses, they tend to rationalize that they are somehow immune to these effects- a dangerous rationalization. Non smokers tend to see clearly the dangers of smoking but smokers tend to rationalize away the many very real examples of this truth. If you can quit long enough you too will see the reality and dangers- which will serve to help you stay away from smoking!

Professionals have created proven nicotine replacements (only as a temporary measure) including nicoderm and nicocure to wean smokers off of the drug and allow their bodies to get used to working properly and healthy.

Many smokers are not only ruining their own health but the health of their friends who have to take in the hundred times more lethal, second hand smoke. If you smoke in the home your entire family could be affected negatively. Quitting is a lifestyle change and must be approached holistically. There are many programs today, ironically many of them are created by the very companies that sell the cigarettes (due to a court order), and many people have dedicated their lives to helping others quit through a complex regimen including exercise, mental exercises, nutrition to help the body wean off the poison, counseling and group sessions to help you mentally kick the addiction, and more.

One Last Puff, Now It’s Time to Quit Smoking by Pam Baldwin

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