How to Stop Smoking in 15 Easy Years: A Slacker’s Guide to Final Freedom

 “Just be who you already are and enjoy your smokes.” Thus begins this radically new approach to stopping smoking, from one of America’s top stop-smoking gurus. This book reveals secrets of what actually works, gained from over twenty years of working face to face with every type of smoker. The author experienced first-hand which tricks work, which ones don’t. In his easy, light-hearted style he reveals a completely new, yet totally natural way to quit, without quit dates, white knuckles or mind-altering drugs. The book reveals the hidden causes of addiction with humor and profound insight and details the author’s breakthrough “slacker” approach to disassociating from tobacco. Includes brief, honest examples of the pro’s and con’s of Chantix, Zyban, and nicotine patches, nicotine gum, and nicotine lozenges. The author, who was himself a long time smoker, has helped thousands of smokers quit through governmental, non-profit and for-profit venues. His gentle guidance has been tried and proven effective by thousands of smokers in both individual and group classes and through previous books. One client writes,I tried everything else for over thirty years and Bear’s radical, yet peaceful, non-violent approach finally did it for me. This is pure gold.” Simple step by step instruction anyone can follow to easily walk out of the smoking maze into freedom, and never go back! A great book for slackers, long term smokers or anyone wanting to easily and simply quit and stay quit.

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Source: How to Stop Smoking in 15 Easy Years: A Slacker’s Guide to Final Freedom

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