Disposable E-Cigarette by Veppo

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The Disposable E-Cigarette by Veppo is the quickest, easiest way to vape.

Puff and Go
The Disposable E-Cigarette is super simple. Just take it out of the box and puff like you would a traditional cigarette.

No Tar, No Carbon Monoxide
E-Cigarettes do not contain any tar or carbon monoxide, like the ones that are found in tobacco cigars. Normal tobacco cigars have many harmful poisons that are not found in electronic cigarettes. This is a great reason to try the Disposable E-Cigarette.

De-Toxify your body
Many e-cigarette users feel better because their body is not getting the toxins, tar and other poisons traditional cigarettes contain. Your body will notice the relief of cutting out all of those added poisons.

No smoke smell
No more smoke making your hair, clothes, breath, and fingers smell. Use the electronic cigarette in your car and house without that smokey odor. When you use an electronic cigarette you breathe vapor which contains no odor or tar. Customers have used theirs in the homes of non-smokers with no complaints.

Available in single and five packs.

Need more reasons? Find out how switching to e-cigarettes can benefit your life — http://www.veppocig.com/e-cig-benefits/

Not sure how much nicotine is right for you? Find out more here — http://www.veppocig.com/how-to-choose-nicotine-strength/

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