10 Scary Facts About Smoking

For the past century the attitude to smoking has changed. It once used to be fashionable, sexy, and wide-spread, but nowadays smoking is seen as an unhealthy habit which decreases a lifetime of both a smoker and everyone around them. Today we will get you through some scary facts related to smoking, cigarettes, and people who smoke.
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Cigarettes are one of the most best-selling goods in the world, having 400 billion dollars in money means. Tobacco production is one of the biggest manufacturing fields worldwide.
One of the reasons why smoking is so wide-spread is a temporarily hidden understanding of its destructive impact, which creates an impression of smoking doing you no harm. Yet scientific calculations show that hundreds of millions of people nowadays will be bound to die because of tobacco with about a 20 years’ lifetime decrease.
According to Harvard University investigations the percentage of nicotine contained in some most popular cigarettes is gradually increased year by year. The amount of nicotine has grown for the whole 11 percent from 1997 to 2005.
Cigarettes contain arsenic, formaldehyde, lead, hydrocyanic acid, nitric oxide, carbon monoxide, ammonia, as well as 43 other carcinogenic substances. Those are the substances which destroy cellular structures and can cause cancer.
Despite popular prejudice, smoking at any age is not prohibited by law. Parents have a right to allow their underage child to smoke; teenagers can freely smoke without being afraid of doing something illegal. But tobacco selling itself is strictly regulated by federal laws.
Smokers usually get a habit to have a cigarette after a meal, considering it as digestion assistance. In fact, smoking forces your body to fully concentrate on blood cells protection and minimizing toxic impact on your brain. You simply make your body forget about the meal it just had.
Smoking has the same effect as a light drug. The only difference is that cigarettes are legal and widely available, but keep in mind that getting addicted to tobacco takes much less time than to alcohol. Pleasure from smoking will be a rare guest after you’re addicted to it.
Smokers usually talk about numerous effects of a cigarette, such as serenity, relaxation, vigilance, and many more. As a matter of fact, a cigarette arouses only the emotions expected by a consumer. Therefore a cigarette is the most popular placebo of the world. The only possible source of relaxation is satisfying a brain that needs a new dose of nicotine. These expectations are a motivation to smoke over and over again, making smoking a bad habit.
Hydrogen cyanide was used as a chemical agent for genocide purposes during the WWII. It is also one of by-products of tobacco smoke.
A fascinating thing is that 95% of smokers, who don’t have enough strength to give it up, immediately quit after a heart attack. There’s no need in lectures or persuasions – people make this decision on their own. With this being said, it’s possible to quit smoking without such health consequences; it’s much easier than some smokers may imagine. 60% of people who gave up smoking say that if only they knew how easy it is, they would have done it long ago.

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Source: 10 Scary Facts About Smoking

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