Why Modern Men's Style Only Works for One Body Type

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→ History of the Suit in 22 Minutes: https://gentl.mn/3fKCYsI
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→ Should You Wear Pleated Pants?: https://gentl.mn/3fORPlS

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The modern fit is all about the slim and narrow. In our video on the History of the Suit in 22 Minutes, we talked about the Mod fashion of the 1950s and 60s that started what we still see in men’s fashion today.

The typical mod suit was slim-fitting with narrow lapels. It was worn with narrow ties, non-pleated pants that were very thin and straight cut. You can see this worn by Frank Sinatra and the members of the Rat Pack.

The history of men’s fashion is always defined by actions and reactions, which usually comes in the form of things getting bigger or smaller, looser or more fitted over time. Originally, the mod style was a rebellion against the fuller cuts of earlier decades, the old-fashioned look of previous generations.

However, by the 1980s and 90s, everything was suddenly loose and full fitting as a reaction against the tighter fits. Then, things flipped once again in the 2000s and up to the present day, as the modern style of slim fits returned. You can see this style in the menswear giant SuitSupply, and an extreme version in the clothes of American designer Thom Browne.

In conclusion, be careful when buying clothes in modern style. The clothes you wear are supposed to flatter your body and give you ideal proportions So, if you choose modern style clothing, make sure it truly suits your body type. You really have to be tall, thin (and youthful) for it to work. Most people who are average or larger in proportion would benefit from a more classic style Even if you are in the small percentage of people that modern style is designed for, it still may not be what you want because it’s trendy and will go out of style at some point.

We at the Gentlemen’s Gazette, always recommend classic style to ensure that you always look timeless and remain immune to the changes of fashion

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