Why Do I Have Green Poop – Top 3 Causes of Green Bowel Movement and Reasons of Having Green Stool

One might suffer from green stools but there is actually nothing to worry in such a case. In fact, it is quite normal and the logic can also be explained at ease. In fact, there might be numerous reasons which acted as a catalyst to turn your stools into green color. For this you need to check out the points.

The top causes of Green Bowel Movement and reasons of having Green Stool:

* You might experience green bowel movements if you consume large quantities of green leafy vegetables like lettuce and broccoli.

* You might even experience this poop if you consume large quantities of processed foods which come colored in green such as Popsicles, sherbet and drink flavoring.

* Further, you might even suffer from it due to over consumption of iron. As the body won’t absorb all the iron constituents it would excrete a certain amount as iron salts. Iron is basically found in breakfast cereals, beans, red meat, spinach etc.

Other Reasons

* Side Effects of Medication

* Ulcerative Colitis

* Food Poisoning

* Excessive use of Antibiotics and Laxatives

* Celiac disease

* Malabsorption

* Irregular bowel syndrome

* Due to overgrowth of bacteria

* Crohn’s disease and infectious diarrhea.

Signs and Symptoms:

Green Bowel Movement does not necessarily mean that your internal system has been infected or you are suffering from any intestinal disorders. In fact, in most of the cases stool changes its color due to medications and the foods that you intake. But in case you start suffering from rectal pain, fever, diarrhea and weight loss then it means you need to consult a doctor without any second thoughts.

In order to avoid these problems it is recommended that one should opt for colon cleansing at least twice a year. This process is the latest buzz everywhere. Actually, this is for real as with the support of this method you can get rid of extra fats, constipation and irregular bowel movements at ease. Actually, if you undergo this process then your body gets rid of the unwanted toxins which have been layering your skin. With the support of this process you can get rid of the inner sludge and lead a healthy life at ease. In order to carry out this process you can check out the recipes of colon cleanse diet introduced by Oprah and Dr Oz.

Why Do I Have Green Poop – Top 3 Causes of Green Bowel Movement and Reasons of Having Green Stool by Amy Myers

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