What is Chlorella Growth Factor and Why is it Beneficial?

Chlorella growth factor is found in a single-celled algae that contains vast amounts of nutrients that scientists are beginning to discover have great health benefits. This algae is believed to have been around for over 3 billion years, providing it’s nutritional benefits throughout the ages, and now we get to take part in that with chlorella growth factor, which is taken from the nucleus of this power packed algae. This growth factor is considered something of a “super food” because it has such a high nutrient density, containing amino acids, RNA/DNA, carbohydrates and vitamins.

The health benefits that come about from the Chlorella algae are many and include dietary supplements to help complete your overall nutrition as well as helping you ingest more chlorophyll, which has been shown to help cleanse the blood, along with immune support and stress reduction. When the Chlorella growth factor is extracted it’s made up of several nucleic acids including several different natural sugars, xylose, which is a source of natural energy and amino acids, which are beneficial in providing support for the body’s cells. Children that are given CGF are shown to grow faster without having any negative effects.

The biggest benefit of Chlorella growth factor is that it can be compared to a protective covering for the entire body and something of a mobile workshop too, one that can help to detoxify the body, fight disease and help to slow premature ageing. If we want to keep our bodies healthy, then the key is to build up our immune system. Most viral infections can be successfully fended off if our cells are healthy and Chlorella is a great booster of the immune system, helping to keep pathogens in check and fighting off illnesses.

Chlorella is considered a well balanced package of complete and essential nutrients and its growth factor works to directly nourish and stimulate each of the over 60-trillion cells that make up our individual bodies. Taking chlorella growth factor daily can provide critical nutritional support that could be lacking in some diets, and it’s also an ideal supplement that the entire family can take since it has been proven safe for both children and adults.

What is Chlorella Growth Factor and Why is it Beneficial? by Phil De Fontenay

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