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We welcome you to our channel Awesome Men Amazing Style. This is an introductory video where our Founder, Asif Ismail who specialises in Mens Fashion, Mens Style, Mens Grooming, Mens Hair, Mens Fitness, Self Growth and Self development coaching and Relationship and dating tips talks about how to be successful. We need two things to be successful or rich or popular or for that matter anything that you would want to achieve in life. He says that we firstly need to master the skill sets which is required to achieve the goal. Which he terms as BUILDING BLOCKS. The second things that we need is FOCUS. A commitment made to oneself to stay determined. If we have competence and commitment we can achieve anything we want. He also says that on this channel we would be talking about all the building blocks that is required for a healthy and balanced lifestyle. Such building blocks are:
1. Self Growth
2. Self Development
3. Mens Fashion
4. Mens Style
5. Mens Grooming
6. Mens Hair
7. Mens Fitness
8. Relationship and Dating

If a person is able to find the right balance between all the above building blocks we is sure to be successful. When you fair well on all of them – I makes you confident. Gives you an achiever’s mindset. A winning mindset. A mind that is full of hopes and dreams. A mind that has the power to think and believe that it can achieve anything it wants.

The idea of this channel is to understand the problems, challenges and obstacle that a man goes through. Resolve them through tips and techniques that are easy and effective. That bring about positive behavioural changes.

Our Mission statement is MEN EMPOWERMENT. To create Awesome “Alpha” Men with Amazing style who Keep improving and always strive to be a better version of oneself.

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