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BeerBiceps is here with another men’s grooming video, and this time, we’re showing the basics of shaving! Especially in India, a lot of younger bros out there don’t know how to go about the shaving process. We’re going to show you the basics of shaving and the shaving techniques you need to follow for that clean and neat shave. So for the all the Indian men, whether you have a thin beard or a thick beard, this video will help you look good and handsome with just a few simple techniques and basics!
Shaving is a big part of a man’s life and it shows how well you take care of your face. So for all the younger boys out there who don’t know where to start from, this video is definitely for you!

This video is sponsored by the Gillette Mach 3 Turbo.

The brand does not support the thoughts and views of the talent involved. The ‘child molester’ reference is to be taken in a light hearted manner. Gillette is strongly against the use of the term.

Gillette recommends that you wash the razor using running water and not a water bowl. Running water helps clean the razor more effectively

Gillette also highly recommends the use of their pre shave moisturiser instead of the pre shave beard oil as mentioned in the video.
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