Top 10 Men's Fashion and Lifestyle Instagrammers | May 2015

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Oh I’m sorry. I had to make sure my outfit is on point today, because we are highlighting Instagram’s Top Men’s Fashion Instagrammers. I’m (HOST NAME) and welcome to this week’s ION Top 10 List.

At number 10, we think it’s safe to say this guy’s style is “on fleek”. Kedecc’s photos highlight the dopest sneakers in the game with some brand focus on Adidas, Zanerobe (zane-robe) and many more.

He can make a fall like outfit work for spring, and his cold weather ensembles will make anyone miss winter. Our number 9, thepacman82 is a master of the sports coat and jean mix, highlighting brands such as Ralph Lauren, J Crew and many more.

If you were to take a ride in a Venice canal, what would you wear? Number 8 FilippoCirulli has the answer. His style is elegant, hip, and very colorful wearing brands such as Dior in some the most beautiful places in the world. His feed is like a vacation, really.

If number 7 JustinLiv isn’t in your Instagram feed, what are you doing with your life? He brings great personality into all of his well-crafted photos. His followers find themselves wearing bandanas, carrying pups in a Hook and Albert bag, and setting sail wearing Onia (o-nee-ah)

Wait, those are Adidas? Where did you get that raincoat? I’ve never seen Timberlands like that. People would get used to these comments and questions after following Number 6, streetetiquette. Their feed is a great stream of Ivy prep, Polo match approved attire.

Men’s clothes look much better on a dog, don’t you a agree? Number 5 MensWearDog shows you how it’s done. This creative fashion Instagrammer uses a pup to model how you can rock an Adidas sweatshirt and sport Warby Parker frames. Magazine such as GQ and Bazaar have even featured his work.

Adjusts a bowtie (even if fake) and speaks in a British accent to start

Are you in the mood to be dapper? If so, check out number 4, onedapperstreet. He’ll show people how to wear a sports coat with short,s highlighting brands ranging from Zara to Eton (EE-ten) of Sweden.

Strutting into number 3 is Blake Scott. He’s a man of details, highlighting unique ties from the tie bar, Gordon Rush shoes and more. If you’re looking for some New York style inspiration, he’s your man.

That beard though. Our number two is the hip classy gentleman, Chris John Millington. He’s not afraid of the floral print shirt by Reiss, mixing prints on prints – and is that a motorcycle style jean jacket?!

A standard in the men’s style Insta feed is our number 1, IAmGalla (Gal-a). More than one million people enjoy seeing his style; highlighting brands such as Ted Baker, Topman, American Apparel and many more

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