The Psychology of Masculine Style – Tanner Guzy, Men's Style Coach

The way you dress is oftentimes a window into your soul. It’s an understanding of your confidence, self-belief, and how you view yourself. Today’s guest is going to give us a little insight into that mindset, and he’s going to take it from the men’s perspective. So for my female listeners, this isn’t a time to turn it off but just know that we’re going to dive into an area that most men don’t really think about. They assume that somebody can take care of it for them or that the next pair of khakis and blue shirt is going to work for them. This topic is actually one aspect of what I do with the Catalyst School. We dive into the best way to make you the most influential and confident person you can be.

Our guest this week is Tanner Guzy, Men’s Style Coach, Founder of Masculine Style, and Author of The Appearance of Power. I came across Tanner and his work on social media after seeing some of his tweets about dress and appearance and how they relate to confidence and performance. I’ve always been fascinated from a male standpoint of identifying the right thing to wear, What is my style? What type of clothing fits my style? I tend to go to the most conservative, most comfortable way. I’m a big guy, and I just really want clothes that fit. But, I don’t think that mindset always allows me to present myself in the best manner possible. When I’ve done stage work or presented, I tend to fall back on the khaki pants and a jacket, but it’s so conservative. And it’s like, “Hey, I took the easy way out.” Is there something better?

The people that I study and love to learn from have a little edgier style. Is that me? I don’t know. So I had to bring Tanner on to talk about it. If you want more information about Tanner, make sure you check him out at or pick up his book, The Appearance of Power. If you want to understand what he means by power – authority, presence, action – make sure you check out his book. Very easy to read and tons of information about what you need to be wearing and how to identify YOUR style.

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