The BEST Men's Morning Routine! (Healthy Lifestyle Tips 2020)

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Alpha’s presenting his updated morning routine since some things have changed since his last morning routine video. In this video men’s style, grooming, fitness and lifestyle expert, Aaron Marino of IAmAlphaM AaronMarino Pete & Pedro Tiege Hanley ENEMY is including not only what he does but the time he does them. Perhaps you’ll get some insight to his life and extract some ideas for yourself.

Time to Wake Up!
He wakes at 5am to be out of the house by 6:30am. He starts by feeding the cats — this is when he grabs 2-3 TBSPs apple cider vinegar + water which has made a dramatic impact on the amount of sinus infections he gets (along with other benefits). He also takes 3 l-carnitines and then hops on the scale.

Getting Down to Business
Starbucks is literally like two minutes from his house and so that gives him time to moisturize his face and leave the house. He gets down to business around 6:45am — for about an hour to an hour 1/2 he is productive, answering emails and script videos. His tip to all of you is to dedicate time for yourself to shut out the noise and focus on what needs to be done on a daily basis even when what needs to be done isn’t necessarily fun and sexy. You’ve got to be disciplined and a solid morning routine really speaks to that. The way your day starts is the way that it’s going to unfold.

Cardio with Audio
He heads out to do 45-minutes of cardio around 8am to get sexy, get the endorphins going, and learn. He is listening to an incredible audiobook “Unfu*k Yourself” by a guy named Gary John Bishop. The gist of it is that you’re amazing and you can accomplish anything as long as you stop doubting yourself. If you are ready to get out of your head and start actually accomplishing and living the best life possible, you have got to go check it out You can download it from Audible with Alpha’s link by starting a 30-day audible trial for free. Start listening with a 30-day Audible trial.

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The First Meal of the Day
It’s 9:09am so it’s time to eat — so around 9:30am he’s having breakfast which is a 12-hour fast from last night’s dinner. He also, if you noticed, did fasted cardio in his target zone on an empty stomach — it works best for Alpha to keep his body fat in check. He has an Alpha Shake (ice, almond milk, protien powder). His next meal will be around 2pm to 2:30pm after he gets done filming.

Showering + Grooming
It’s 9:40am — time to groom and get a shower. It also means it’s publishing time for his video — he always gets butterflies before every video release. When a video doesn’t do well, it messes up his day because he worked so hard. After a long time of cold showers, he’s back to warm showers. After the shower, it’s hair product time, eye cream, and super serum. He gets dressed and rolls into the office around 10:40am.
The Day Starts
His day starts at 11:11am — which is probably different than your morning depending on your career. But regardless of the time you get up and arrive for work, a few things that you need in order to have a successful morning routine and set up your day for success are discipline and getting up earlier.

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