The Acai Berry – Superfood Health Benefits Trader Acai is Certified Pure, USDA Organic and each bottle contains a minimum of 500 Acai Berry power – 500 Acai berries per bottle.

Amazon Natives say that Tahiti Trader Acai is not an Acai berry diet scam; no it is the most important plant species of the rainforest because it is such a large part of their daily diet.

Some say that Tahiti Trader Acai has adverse Acai berry side effects, this simply is not true. Scientists are calling Tahiti Trader Certified Pure Acai a Number 1 Super food because of its incredible nutritional content including; Omega 3, 6 & 9 healthy fatty acids, nearly complete protein (19 essential amino acids), antioxidants (Polyphenols) dietary fiber, phytosterols, vitamins minerals and more!

Tahiti Trader Certified Pure — Organic Acai berry pure made with pure Acai berries come from the heart of the Brazilian Rainforest, wild harvested by natives by hand, without doing harm to the rainforest, producing the purest Acai on the planet.

Still some say that Acai Pure is a good Acai berry weight loss solution, this may be true. However, if you use Acai berry juice in conjunction with a well balanced diet together with an exercise program that burns more calories than you are eating, you will see great results.

Is Acai berry scam? No, Acai has been misunderstood. Acai berry is one of the worlds most powerful superfruits.

Source: The Acai Berry – Superfood Health Benefits

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