StyleCon 2015 | Location Preview & Facility Tour | Men's Lifestyle Conference

Who’s Going To Be @ StyleCon?
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Aaron Marino of alpha m. welcomes you to StyleCon! So technically, it’s not going on right now but it will be going on in three months. Check out the awesome space that StyleCon 2015 will be taking place!

StyleCon, May 1st through 3rd 2015, is taking place in Atlanta, GA at Ambient Plus Studio. Antonio Centeno and Alpha created this event to bring the greatest style, lifestyle, grooming, fitness, and relationship experts from around the web to interact and mingle with you- the friend, the fan. StyleCon is THE men’s lifestyle conference and place to come together and interact.

Alpha takes viewers on a tour of the StyleCon venue and explains the features and experts that are attending He discusses the main hall, vendors such as tailors, Stephen Posta from Dyar and Posta Salon, the stage, VIP lounge, axillary conference room, food & beverage, small group presentations, and more.

Alpha can’t wait to meet you! A select number are blocked for a discounted price. If you can get it, you need to do it! It’s going to be incredible! Supplies are limited, and you don’t want to miss out.

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