“Radish Health & Skin Benefits”

In this informational video I talk about radish health and skin benefits.
Radish contains potassium, sodium, calcium, thiamine and oils that give specific spicy flavor. It opens the appetite.
Radish juice supports digestion and metabolism. It’s useful for those who suffer from weight gain and diabetes.
Radish supports heart function and strengthens blood vessels.
It also has a lot of fiber, which reduces bad cholesterol in the blood, removes stags and toxins from the body. The radish has volatile-it’s kinda natural antibiotic.
Those who eat radishes regularly, have a good chance to avoid colds and flu.
By the way radish leaves have a lot of vitamins and can be used for salads, green soups or pie fillings instead of cabbage.
Radish contains substances that help to stabilize blood sugar level.
So if you have diabetes or a predisposition to the disease include radish to your diet.
Radish increases hemoglobin in the blood and supports the immune system.
NOTE: Radish has also a negative side effect. Some of the radishes are very spicy, it’s not recommended for people who have stomach problems or pain. It can make it worse and bring more problems.
Let me tell you about radish skin benefits
Radish is suitable for normal, dry and aging skin care. Use fresh radish juice as a lotion for normal and dry skin. You can just dip a cotton pad in it and wipe your face, neck and decollete zone.
It moisturizes the skin, makes it fresh and elastic.
Eating radish regularly helps to improve skin color.
You can apply fresh shredded radish on face for 10-15 minutes, then wash it away (do it while you are lying down, so you don’t make your cloth dirty).

Source: “Radish Health & Skin Benefits”

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