Men's Preppy Style Guide

What is summer preppy style? In this style guide video, I share 7 key pieces to help you build this style! **** Our curated list of preppy essentials:

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📒 Show Notes 📒

7️⃣ 0:50 – Shoes

6️⃣ 1:26 – Chinos & Shorts

5️⃣ 2:06 – Sweaters

4️⃣ 2:32 – Blazer

3️⃣ 2:49 – Ties

2️⃣ 3:16 – Belts

1️⃣ 3:37 – Shirts

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In this video Nicholas from Quintessential Gent shares 7 key pieces you need to start developing a summer time preppy style. This style guide is aimed at someone new to this style, or someone who is looking to round out their wardrobe with some additional pieces.

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