Men's Lifestyle: Five Essential Grooming Products For The Car

Grooming Lounge founder discusses the 5 essential grooming products every guy should have in his car at all times.

Zwilling/J.A. Henckels Fingernail Clipper for Men:
Since nails are attached to fingers and fingers are used in handshakes and other social rituals, keeping nails trimmed up is key.

Mangroomer Professional Edition Rechargeable Travel Shaver:
An ideal tool to clear up stubble or missed shaving spots before that big meeting you spaced on.

Supersmile All Natural Professional Whitening Gum:
Cars should have some “kick” –a man’s breath shouldn’t. These chicklet-like pieces will keep pearly whites looking white and ensure breath issues are under control.

Mangroomer Biz Wipes:
Since gas stations simply aren’t known for the plushness of their toilet tissue, keeping these babies handy could save one from a literal “pain in the butt.”

Skincando Combat-Ready Lip Balm:
Be prepared for chapped puckers with a solid lip balm, especially during the winter. Put it in the arm rest and you’ll be shocked how much it comes in handy.

Jack Black Oil-Free Sun Guard Very Water Resistant Sunscreen SPF 45:
Whether you’re headed to the beach or the ski slopes, fending off the sun’s dangerous rays is a must.

Dude Wipes:
A life saver when you need to get “that scent” off you before someone who’s not supposed to smell it smells it.

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