Men's Lifestyle Favorites August 2018

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I thought Id bring back a classic video series favourite which is the favourites video now I may only do this every couple of months rather than every month.

In this video features some great Products starting off with the Soho Fish stone Fish hair clay which I swear by this is the only product I have used to really style my hair for the past almost 10 years. Its one of those products that you always go back to.

next up is the Aberlite beard oil now I got this a while back and fell in love with the product using beard oil was a alien thing for me and now its something I do all the time as part of my Mens Grooming routine.

Next up is the Lush So White body spray now I am obsessed with this scent its my favourite kind of scent smelling of fresh cut apples I usually spray this over fresh bed sheets and pillows to give it a really great fresh feeling I highly recommend this product!

A great Zit Zapper to have is the Mask of magnaminty this is my go to Zit zapper especially when I am sick this dramatically helps reduce the size and redness of spots or zits.

Wellman is a really great supplement of vitabiotics if you have a low immune system or prone to getting a cold or flu I usually take this during the cold and flu season because it contains all the great vitamins and other supplements to help my body be at its peak form.

Iv been going to the gym alot and my go to protein bar are these Fulfill white chocolate and cookie they taste great and feel more of a snack than the taste of a protein bar so its great to feel like your snacking while having something good for you.

next up we have these yankee candle set from the havana range which my beautiful mother sent me from ireland she knows i love mojitos so she picked these up since they were so beautiful as candles I decided to buy the wax melts of them so it would last longer

last but not least is my travel macbook Iv always wanted this macbook over 10 years ago I saved so hard to get it until it got replaced so 8 years later I found a great condition one on ebay for 80£ roughly 120$ what a find

so thats it guys for this favourites video I hope you enjoyed seeing an old classic let me know or comment down below!

if you would like to see more of these more frequent maybe 4 times a year ?

thank you so much for al your support make sure to like and subscribe for more videos

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