Men’s Health Champion: Dr. Donaldson

We engaged some Men’s Health Champions to talk about men’s health in a language we all can understand.

Men are known to be more indifferent towards their health, especially when compared to the efforts of women, who proactively and publicly address their health issues in a way not traditionally seen with men. As a result, today the levels of awareness, understanding and funding for support of men’s health issues, lag significantly behind women’s causes such as breast cancer.

The reasons for the unfortunate state of men’s health is primarily due to a lack of awareness. This can largely be attributed to the reluctance of men openly discussing the subject due to longstanding traditions, coupled with an “it’ll be alright” mentality. Men are less likely to schedule medical appointments when they feel sick. The same goes for an annual physicals, colonoscopies, and other screening thereby denying them the chance of early detection and effective treatment of common diseases.

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Source: Men’s Health Champion: Dr. Donaldson

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