Men’s Health BodyExpo Fitness Challenge

Men’s Health Fittest Man In Britain Challenge
Are you the fittest man in Britain? Now you can prove it. Men’s Health is throwing down the gauntlet with a live competition expertly designed to rate every aspect of your physical performance

Get ready for the ultimate fitness test. We don’t want you to throw around any barbells — and you can leave the kettlebells at home, too. Our challenge — created in collaboration with body weight exercise maestro Chaka Bars — is made up of primal, functional movements that test your athletic strength, endurance and power in a safe and natural way.
For your chance to win the title of Fittest Man In Britain and be featured in Men’s Health magazine, visit the BodyPower Expo from 16-18 May 2014. Your challenge commences at the MH stand. You haven’t long to prepare. Get training.
Come to class to get ready – every tuesday, wednesday, thursday & friday – check the website for details

The Fittest Man In Britain Challenge
Each of the three tests is to be performed consecutively with no rest period. Watch the video above for a demonstration of all the tests with form instructions
1. Power
Standing jumps — Quite simply, two consecutive jumps from a standing start. Your score is the total distance covered from the start position to where you land after your second leap.
2. Strength
60 seconds of chin-ups — You have one minute to complete as many strict form chin-ups as you can. Only reps from a dead hang position where your chin clears the bar without you jerking your neck will be counted. Your score is how many full reps you have completed when the clock hits 60 secs.
3. Endurance circuit
All four exercises are to be completed consecutively. You can only go on to the next move after executing all the reps with perfect form.
20 burpees
20 push-ups (chest to floor with elbow taps)
10 wide grip pull-ups
8 x 5m shuttle sprints
Your score is the time it takes to complete all 50 reps with perfect form and cross the finish line after the sprints.
See you at BodyPower!
We’ll have rankings for men in their twenties, thirties, forties and fifties, so men of all ages can compete for the chance to be crowned champion of their category.
BodyPower is the fastest-growing consumer exhibition in Europe, giving you the chance to speak with elite athletes, learn from industry experts and meet Team MH. To book your tickets and for more information, call 0844 338 8000 or go to
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Source: Men’s Health BodyExpo Fitness Challenge

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