Men's Grooming At Its Finest – Shampoo, Condition, Scalp and Facial Massage | Style Progress

Any good haircut should start off with a relaxing cleansing of the hair and a scalp massage. At Mens Spa in Minneapolis, they go a step further and cleanse and mosturize your face as well.

Take a look as one of their customers enjoys his pre-haircut ritual.

This video can also fall under the category of ASMR. ASMR, or autonomous sensory meridian response, is a phenomenon that uses tingle triggers to initiate a tingling sensation that can be described as brain tingles, head tingles, spine tingle, brain massage and even brain orgasm or head orgasm. There are many types of intentional ASMR including, but not limited to, soft spoken ASMR, whisper ASMR, gentile whisper ASMR, role playing ASMR. Unintentional ASMR is also popular, with categories like medical ASMR, chiropractic ASMR, massage ASMR, salon ASMR, shave ASMR, head massage ASMR, clinical ASMR, scalp massage ASMR, painting ASMR, cooking ASMR, eye exam ASMR, and instructional video ASMR.

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