Male Grooming Eyebrow Shape Treatment video

Some men want the flawless, sculpted and totally hairless look most male models and celebrities showcase, if you spend hours in the gym then us help show you off at your best. Others just want a general tidy-up. Whatever your hair removal needs, waxing is a great-looking, long-lasting and effective option.

Benefits of male waxing include:

no stubble from regrowth
heightened appearance of muscle definition
improves visibility for tattoos and piercings
can help athletes become more streamlined
can increase body-confidence
creates a smooth, sculpted look.

And the question everyone wants to know – will it hurt?

To be completely honest – yes, it probably will.

Pulling hairs straight out of their follicles is always going to hurt, especially en-mass. However, your beauty professional will always prepare your skin in advanced to minimise the pain as much as possible. Some male grooming salons even offer a measure of whiskey before the treatment. If you think back to when alcohol was the only anaesthetic available for full-on surgery, no more than a few hundred years ago, a few seconds of stinging shouldn’t seem so bad!

Pure Perfection offer a a range of Male Grooming Treatments.

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