Kidney Stone Passing – How to Pass Your Kidney Stones with Calcium Dissolving Acids

Kidney stone passing has just got easier! Recent research has proven that natural acids can allow you to pass your calcium based kidney stones with simple remedies used hundreds of years ago.

Kidney stones have been around for a long time. In fact, because kidney stones are sometimes caused from an insufficient amount of water (dehydration); kidney stones have been around for thousands of years. And the funny thing about kidney stones, the typical treatment has NOT changed at all. Water!

In most cases, a medical doctor will recommend that you wait out the pain (with the help of a pain killer) and you simply try to flush the kidney stone with water. And this works about 75% of the time. But what about those stubborn kidney stones that won’t pass?

Recent research has shown that kidney stone passing is all about the acids you consume.

Calcium-based Kidney Stones 101

You most likely have calcium kidney stones. Statistics show that 85% of kidney stones are calcium oxalate. And about 90% of kidney stones are 5 mm or less. Therefore, you probably have kidney stones that are dissolvable.

The great news about your kidney stones is that they are completely, naturally treatable with a home remedy consisting of acids. Why you ask?

Calcium is a mineral that your body needs. It is also a mineral which forms and can be dissolved easily. Imagine a calcium supplement which is lodged in your kidney. You would think that water could naturally dissolve and pass the stone (which typically happens in most cases)?

However, you might need to supplement acids to your diet for kidney stones passing.

Why Acids?

Why Acids? Because acids have many benefits for your body. For instance, ascorbic acid (vitamin C) can boost your immune system. Folic acid (vitamin B12) has been shown to aid in the production of new bodily cells.

And phosphoric acid and some citrus acids have been shown to keep calcium dissolved. In other words, you can use simple forms of acid to naturally dissolve calcium based kidney stones.

This works because acid will most often dissolve most substances. If you take a can of soda and dump it on a car’s exterior paint job, you might notice a change in the paint in a few days. The soft drink will most likely eat right through the paint and primer. The reason behind this is because of the acid content in pop!

You might also want to brush your teeth after drinking soft drinks because of its acidic content.

A Kidney Stone Natural Remedy

We have found two effective acids for dissolving kidney stones! Phosphoric Acid and Citrus Acid!

To learn how you can be kidney stone free in less than 24 hours, take a moment to learn how a Natural Kidney Stone Remedy Report gives you a step by step treatment that uses natural acids and a simple green vegetable to pass your stones. Our guaranteed remedy has helped thousands and will help you!

Kidney Stone Passing

Kidney Stone Passing – How to Pass Your Kidney Stones with Calcium Dissolving Acids by Joe Barton

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