I Gave This Guy A FULL Men's Style Makeover (Awesome Wardrobe Transformation)

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When I’m not creating YouTube content, I’m a local men’s stylist (or at least I was before quarantine started) In this video I give my client a full style makeover. We go over how to discover your own unique style, how to get rid of clothes that don’t show your best self, how to build a versatile wardrobe from scratch, and how to put hundreds of outfits together from a small number of pieces.

My buddy works in sales for Google. He needed a wardrobe to help him project trust, competence, and authority. So he hired me to help him rebuild his entire wardrobe. We decided to film the whole process and share it with you. This is my entire process from start to finish to help men rebuild their wardrobes, simplify style, and send the message that’s authentic to them.

I hope you enjoy this men’s fashion makeover!


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