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One thing I like to do as a stylist. I don’t know whether or not I would recommend it for him on his own to do, but it’s fairly easy. I love how there’s a little bit of natural hair coming in so it doesn’t look so peel and stick.

But, I will show you. They seem a little dense. I want to show you on one eyebrow. When you go right through the eyebrow anything that comes out on the other side of the comb you sort of take down. You see that kind of elongates the brow and keeps it a little softer. This one tends to be a little bit denser. It’s like a mini brow cut.

You have to make sure too that you assess the brow prior to doing this that the thickness of the hair is not covering up a scar. Sometimes I’ve gone like this and taken it out and there’s a big line there. I’m like holy holy, what happened.

So, it’s nice just to lean these out a little bit. Yeah, they’re just a little lighter. There was just a little thickness in through here.

Sometimes when it makes the eyebrow look a little heavier and stout to elongate it you want to take away the weight. The middle was carrying a lot of weight which makes them look stout. So, by taking that weight it kind of elongated and feathered them out a little bit.

People are kind of scared to do that, to put the comb there and take it all off, in fear that it’s going to look to manscapey. It’s not. It left it keeping it a really natural flow, and that’s because he has hairs around that are uncut which makes it look a lot more natural for a man.

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