How to Trim Men's Eyebrows

Try this simple trick next time you trim your eyebrows or a guest in your salon.

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Use a Sam Villa Artist Series Detail Comb in a contrasting color to clearly see the fine hair that needs to be cut and a Sam Villa Signature Series 5.5″ Swivel Shear to enable more freedom with hand position.

1. With the fine teeth of the comb, rake hair upwards 2-3 times to stretch the longer hair to its fullest, and then trim any hair that goes past the outline of the brow.

2. Switch to the wide teeth of the comb and rake down into brows and rotate up slightly to grab excess length in the middle and trim with shears.

This is a quick, simple and effective way to trim men’s eyebrows. Give it a try and let us know how this works for you in the comments box below!

Products used in this video:

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Professional 5.5 Swivel Shear –

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