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Short hair styling. So this is out of the shower, no product, towel dried really well, and I took a blow dryer over it. Either way, you can towel dry it and leave it a little bit damp, or it can be thoroughly dry all the way, about that much paste, and what I recommend is spreading it evenly over the hands and evenly throughout the hair, but don’t try and style it. Just get it through the hair. It makes it a lot easier to do a two step, get the product evenly throughout the hair and then, then lightly maneuver it into the style you want. It can take two seconds when you have it in there.

Now he has really thick hair, so he can handle, his hair can handle a lot more product. So if you want to wear it a little bit fuller and a little bit more natural, it’s a little less product. That’s just really manageable looking. But if you want to add a little bit more and have a pieceier appearance to it, see, a lot of a hair, it weighs down hair too much, but as I said, he’s got some really thick hair. It’s very, a little Tom Cruise-y Top Gun-ish. It has a nice short kind of feel to it.

Sometimes I like to blow dry the product in a little bit too, like, if it seems, like, too heavy, the product seems a little bit too tight or too heavy on the hair, if you go through it with a hot blow dryer it sort of melts the product into the hair a little bit, and you can get a different look. You can get it to soften. See how it went from being kind of chunky and very product-y and if it feels too much, instead of having to wash it out, you can re-wet it a tiny bit or you can just go in with a blow dryer and see what it’s like to add a little bit of hot heat to that and see how it, like, melds and molds the product into the hair.

Yeah, that looks great. Simple. You know? I like it when it’s a little crazy. I like it when you wear it kind of tight. As you can see, it can be a little bit punky. It can have the little Sid Viscous going on, and with the, a tiny bit of product and a little bit of manipulating you can go right into Tom Cruise Top Gun to ultra-conservative and add a little bit of gel and push it all to the side and then we’re into that whole Mad Man, you know, 9 to 5 lawyer, rocker by night.

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