How to Find Your Style & Start Your Wardrobe | Men’s Fashion Essentials

5 Easy Steps on how to find your personal style and build a new wardrobe from start to finish. Finding your style may be difficult when you are first starting out and getting to know yourself. I put together some guidelines of how I found my style. These tips go hand and hand when you’re building your wardrobe because you have to know your style in order to pick out clothes. Now your style may change overtime as it is reflected by you as a person. Once you change, your style may change too. Here are some general tips.

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Quick tips
1. Remember that you can wear what you want
2. Body type
a. See what look you’re going for, and how you want the clothes to fit your body.
3. Inspiration
a. Find inspiration from the internet and your surroundings
4. Knowing what you like and don’t like
5. Starting and styling your wardrobe


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