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Learn how to do rockabilly hair from Suite 303 stylist April Barton in this Howcast video.

So his hair had a lot of weight removal and texture so it’s easy to get
this look, rockabilly.

Give me the water bottle real quick. I’m just going to make sure that it’s going to absorb the gel. I’m going to put a generous amount of this holding gel. I’m going to put a good quarter in there. I’m going to just pivot it through the power dried hair.

So the one thing, a lot of men they get out of the shower and they go, I love my hair when it’s wet. I just push it back and it looks instant rockabilly. Unfortunately it’s going to dry. Then you’re going to have a Q-tip on top of your head.

You’re going to have to dry this so that you can get what you see. I put my fingers on the top of your head. I’m going to create a little bit of
height. I want to press down at the top where the most height on the head is. I want to get a little bit more height. The natural height around the front of the face.

You’re going to want this hair to dry that gel in there a little bit. This
is going to be pretty dry. You’re going to dry your gel into there.

Then you’re going to take a holding paste. Also pretty good amount. When you’re doing a hair style that’s rockabilly. It’s kind of bold. It’s going to need some product.

For this you want to make sure the sides get kind of tight and curled in.
You want to bring the weight towards the head. Now by doing that you don’t want to create like a triangle shape. You have to make sure that the height proportion is right.

Whoohoo. Mister, mister. You can really go as far as doing like a lacquer hair spray. If he’s going out to an event or an opening and he wants it. Or does he want it a little bit more natural so the night is going to just sort of break it open a little bit.

When you’re talking to these dudes, how do they get it to stay? You got to load this up. When it’s wet you got to put in gel. When it’s dry you go to put in a paste. Then if you want it to stay you got to like shhh. Put her in.

Yeah. You got a little rockabilly action going. Now I kind of prefer it a
little bit looser. I like it a little less uptight. Even if we just want to
secure the height, just give it a little blast. It’s like the 80s haven’t
gone anywhere. The 80s are back Jack.

OK. Yeah. That looks great.

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