How Grapes Help You Achieve Gout Pain Relief

Do you want relief from your terrible gout pain? Grapes can help you ease your painful symptoms when used in conjunction with other more commonly used remedies. They are a great part of an overall plan to improve your health which will in turn reduce the incidents of painful gout attacks.

Grapes contain multiple elements that are effective in controlling your pain. These elements include quercitin, water, potassium, vitamin C, and anthocyanins. How do these individual properties in grapes help ease gout pain?

Quercitin is a potent flavonoid. The great thing about flavonoids are that they contain anti-inflammatory properties. This is essential in giving you gout pain relief since the accumulation of uric acid crystals in the joints during an attack produces swelling. Another great gout treatments food which contains quercitin is cherries. You can purchase quercitin as a supplement if you do not eat many fruits, although it would be beneficial to eat plenty of fruits in order to help reduce your pain.

Water is an important way to reduce painful symptoms. Grapes are made up of approximately 2/3 water. You can increase your water usage if you eat water dense fruits such as grapes. The water in the grapes will help you flush out your excess uric acid.

Potassium helps to liquefy uric acid making it easier for your body to eliminate it during urination. Grapes possess around 191mg of potassium a serving (100g). One serving will provide you with 5% of your daily allowance so you will need to supplement it with other potassium rich foods such as cantaloupes or peaches. Grapes will at least get you a portion of what you need.

If you choose to eat grapes for relief of your gout pain, part of your help will come in the form of vitamin C. You will get around 10mg per serving. This is almost 20% of the daily intake recommended by the government. If you are suffering from a gout attack, you need to increase your vitamin c intake. Studies have shown from Arthritis and Rheumatism ( 2005; 52: 1843-7) that 500mg of Vitamin C taken over a two month period reduced uric acid levels by 10%. This is accomplished by keeping purines from accumulating into excessive amounts of uric acid.

Dark colored grapes are probably more beneficial to eat than lighter colored grapes. This is due to the high anthocyanin content found in red versus lighter colored grapes. Anthocyanin is what gives the dark grapes their color. Like quercitin, anthocyanin is also a flavonoid and is known for it's anti-inflammatory effects.

As you can see, grapes can help reduce your pain through a few different methods. By themselves, they may not be potent enough, but when used in combination with other remedies, you can find a natural solution for gout pain relief.

How Grapes Help You Achieve Gout Pain Relief by Tom Frascone

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